Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hive 3 April block for Heather - no foolin!

Thank you Heather for accomodating my crazy April schedule!  I'm leaving my machines for about a month and so wanted to got your blocks done.  LOVE the color choices!  Of course, I was lucky and had browns - and bold ones, too.  Choosing a block to do was a task as I ususally don't do a traditional block.  The Phoenix MQG had a bee I wasn't participating in but some of the girls had posted their submissions, so I copied because it was cute ( left).  Then I wanted to try another and I found the one on the right.  Then I forgot that I had won a great book on VIntage blocks with modern twist just sitting on my shelf!!!  Oh, block opportunity!

Have fun beemates!  



Jennifer Barclay said...

Those are great blocks!!!

JAB said...

Man, now I'm craving a red, white, and tan masterpiece. My month is only four months will I ever narrow it down?