Friday, April 3, 2015

Hive 9 -- Block Tutorial -- Said I'd be on time....April Fools!

Hey everyone!  I have had a super nutty week here and well, let's just not make excuses and get on with the tutorial.  I picked this block out (somewhere) and thought it looked pretty cool.  I promise it isn't too complicated if you refer to the color chart.  If you do not use the color chart, I make no guarantees (ask me how I know *hint, it is part of the reason this is late).

The block is called the card trick block, and the full tutorial can be found at the Generations Quilt Patterns website.

I pulled some fabric I had left over from the Quiltcon charity project and came up with a chartreuse, a plum, indigo and coral.  I don't really mind if I get the exact colors, but they should be happy and saturated.  The background color is white.

We cut these into half and quarter triangles and it looks something like this:
Given my last FAIL, I immediately laid these out according to the color chart, then followed the tutorial.
You'll end up with some extra quarter triangles.  If you don't have a use for them, pop them in the mail with my square and I'll try to make use of them in a border, on the back or for a coordinating pillow.
In the end, my square looked like this.
Now for a question.......

If you could go back to school and learn anything, what would it be?

As a kid, I had some ideas.  I thought I wanted to be a lawyer for a while.  I ended up getting a computer science degree and I LOVE my job, but I'd have to say I'd go back and make it through medical school.  It has to be the most stressful, but most rewarding job on the planet.

Hope you enjoy the block! -- Heather

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