Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hive 8 April Block from Audrey

Hi, this is Audrey from Hive 8!

Melodee requested this house block from us in whatever palette we wanted. Did you hear that? Whatever palette! What a fun request! I expected I'd go hot pink (because why wouldn't I?) but some of these fabrics were on my cutting table, and I just thought the main house print would be fun. Of course, it needed a purple roof.

Hive 8's April question was in regards to our favorite quilting technique. I'd have to say I love straight line machine quilting--especially echo quilting. It's my bread and butter. But I'm learning to LOVE handquilting as well, especially with perle cotton, so I'm excited to see Melodee's finished quilt.

I'm also loving Willa's lime green block because YES.

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