Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Hive 2 Tutorial (not fooling)

Ha! What a hoot! The nuttiest of us (I hope) gets to post on April Fools Day! Not only that, I'm feeling extra special because April is my birthday month... Its gonna be fun getting "presents" from ya'll!

The block this month .......drum roll........ the Starburst Cross block!
Your blocks are going to be used as part of a quilt that I want to make my dear sweet niece! Shes the kindest little thing I have ever met! Her favorite color is Green. So....

This block is so easy! You wont believe how much fun it is to make.

I was inspired by this pinterest pin ... so you can see the feel of what the colors will do:

Fabric choices:

#widrn making some of these awesome blocks!
My first 4 blocks :D
COLORS .... Blues and greens! Any shade that you want, light blue, dark blue, yellowy green, forest green. I do ask that you please use one green and one blue on your block. Keeping it to those colors,, but its okay if very little bits of another color comes in... like the bits of gold on the aqua top right .. as long as that color does not stand out to much... kwim?  (Oh, white in the green and blue is okay of course!!)

Please also keep to modern-ish fabrics... no reproductions, cutesy, or holiday.... I like Blenders, Geometric, and some floral (not to much floral).

For the background, please use white... any white you have, grab some out of your scraps... it can be snow, off white, or a fabric that is appears to be white but may have minimal design in it.

If you are not sure of your fabric choices... you have my email and most of you I know on Instagram, please feel free (or brave!!) to ask!!

Scrapy whites ... Look good?
A look at the scrappy whites. The lower left whites are a white with a very faint crosshatch on them.

Whew, I think picking fabrics is the hardest part... if you've done that... the rest is all easy. Follow the tutorial above. Oh and remember "chain piecing is your friend"

Now for the question.... As I am getting older... so much older.. lol. I have been reflecting back alot... so my question is this " What is your favorite childhood memory?"

Mine is "the Refrigerator box incident". My sister and I were about 8 and 9 years old when we found what we thought was the biggest cardboard box in the world in a field near our house. We promptly dragged that thing home. My mom was at work, so she wasn't aware of the fact that we were squeezing and shoving a box through our house, hallways and doorways until the box was in our room. She let us keep that box, and we had so much fun in it. It became so many things... a house, a school room, a fort....when it fell apart and it was time to toss it, we were so sad. Greatest box ever!

Well... thats all... enough talking! Thank you all so much!
Angela :D

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helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Fun square - looking forward to it . My kids had a big piece of foam they played with for months