Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hive 7 April block for Shari

My scrap jar stars for Shari will be in the mail tomorrow.

Where would your dream vacation be and why?

30 years ago my husband and I visited Calcutta, India and escorted babies back to the U.S. to their adoptive parents. 29 years ago we adopted 2 daughters from Calcutta, India after visiting and wanting to do some small thing to help the children there. My dream vacation would be to travel back to India with my husband and daughters to visit the orphanage they lived in for a few months and also see more of India beyond Calcutta.


Kristen said...

what an amazing experience! I have only been to Delhi in India but fell in love with the country. I would go back in an instant. I hope your family has the opportunity to return one day :)

DoohikeyDesign said...

Thank you thank you! They are bright and fun!

I hope that you can go back to india! :)