Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hive 6 April 2015 block for Nicole

Nicole requested Polaroid snapshot blocks this month.  I hadn't made any before, but had seen them and they were on my quilty bucket list.  Lots of fun!  Picking out the "picture" was the best part.  Hope these work for you Nicole!

Stashbee 2015 Hive 6 April block

She asked us what the best thing we ever made was.  I am having a hard time answering that one since it's so wide open.  Quilty-wise would be any quilt I've made for my family members who were sick.  The satisfaction and heartfelt joy from their reaction to receiving it made all the frustrations of sewing so worth the effort.

Y'all take care!
Nancy D.

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Liz said...

These are adorable!!