Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lauren's wonky logs

I love wonky log cabin blocks!  Or wonky blocks of most any sort.  I hope these colors are ok--you said red centers, plus anything else.   These are cheerful--I see in your bio, Lauren, that you've got young boys.  I don't know what your plans are for this quilt, but I'm picturing it getting a lot of snuggly family use. 

I made three blocks, which got me to thinking...having "angels" who make blocks if a bee member can't that month is a good idea.  However, frequently it seems like one or more person in a bee makes an extra block or two anyhow, especially if it is an easier block.  I suppose these could count as "angel" blocks for the month too.  I don't want to commit to the role of angel, but sometimes it just works out.

Thank you to Danny for filling in as the Stash Bee coordinator!  (I liked your bio and photos and your quilt block choice too!)  Best wishes to Sunni as well--hope it's going ok for her. 


lhungler said...

This quilt will be getting lots of cuddles! Great job:)

Danny Heyen said...

How great! Thank you for being extra kind and making extra blocks! I will be posting more about Angels and all that later. For now, if you can make extra, I'm sure none of the queens will mind!