Friday, September 21, 2012

Hive #1 for Lisa - Late Sorry!

This is very late.  Thanks to the Olympics and other activates I basically lost all my August sewing time, i.e. weekends...  so on a catchup.

Following the pattern details like a few others mine is over long / tall - so I've left for you to remove what layers you don't want.

Hope you like!


Danny Heyen said...

Wonderful colors!

Lisa C in GA. said...

Sorry I didn't comment earlier...I love this block, and since its a Christmas gift, being late with it is no problem at all...all the blocks are sitting in a box that Gideon likes to look through and talk about...but I won't piece it together til early November, then will take it to the long arm quilter to be quilted as I have a machine with a, er... small, "delicate" throat, lol. Thanks again for your hard work!!