Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hive 3 August block

Here are my blocks for Kelli--I mailed them on Tuesday, but had to sort out some camera issues before I could post a photo.  My blocks came out a little small, but I finally decided to send them.  They are more like 13.75," not 14.5."  Sorry, but I felt like I'd spent enough time on them, and I couldn't figure out how to make them work!  Options? Add an extra strip of white on the outside, make pillows, use them on the back...??  In the background of the photo is the detritus of other attempted blocks, plus the ugly doll representing frustrated, perplexed me.  I even bought a Dresden plate ruler, but it was wider than the template provided, so I didn't use it in the end.  Turns out it makes a 20-blade block, not 24 like these. 

Still, I think it is a cool block, and I'm glad I made them!  Other than the size issue, they turned out really well.  I want to make some for me in the future.  (AFTER I finish some of my many other  projects!  Ack!)


Danny Heyen said...

I have never attempted a Dresden before! Yours turned out great!

Nancy D. said...

They look great Julie.