Friday, April 1, 2016

April Tutorial-Hive 5


Happy Spring to each of you! It has been so fun to see each of your posts and creative interpretations of the blocks made so far this year. You are creative geniuses!

I am excited for a lot of sewing this weekend. Two times per year, (the first weekends of April and October) our church hosts a conference of addresses from leaders that is broadcast to members throughout the world. On these two weekends, we stay home for church and listen to the inspiring, timely, and uplifting messages. I look forward to some cutting/sewing as I do so!

Thanks so much for your help with this quilt top! It was a fun block and came together quickly. For reference, instructions for this block can be found here.

I've chosen navy, mustard yellow, grey, with a little chartreuse green and an ivory background. A fabric pull is shown below. Please keep to modern fabrics with a graphic feel. The background is an ivory or off-white color (think buttermilk).

Here is a picture of a 15" finished block:

To begin, choose 3 fabrics plus an ivory background.  All color pieces will be cut by to 5 1/2" squares and the background will be 3 1/2" squares. Cut quantities as follows:

Background-16 ivory or off-white 3 1/2" squares

Then begin sewing the 3 1/2" squares onto the corners as shown in finished block photo. Note that the C pieces won't finish 1/4" from the start die as a flying geese block would. Chain piecing works well here. I just laid the background squares in place and then sewed chain pieced to keep them in the right place. Please, with directional fabrics be mindful to keep them radiating out or all going the same direction.

Continue sewing the background squares to the corresponding corners. Next, sew 5 1/2" squares into rows and the rows together. I nested the seams, sewing the center block seams (A in the diagram above) in toward the center.

Anyway, thank you so much for spending time, talent and fabric on this quilt! Here is a picture of another completed block and then I'm off to make one with grey and yellow....

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