Friday, April 1, 2016

Hive 9 - March Block for Christina from Martina's late :(

Nevertheless, I enjoyed making it - free piecing is one of my favorites and this fits right in with my Gwen Marston, Jean Wells, and Rayna Gilman obsession. I tried to limit my use of pink and I only used one of my hand dyed fabrics at the end - I wasn't sure if you'd consider it batik or not ;)

This is one definitely of those blocks where you get what you put in to. It is tempting to use large pieces to speed up the "growing" but I deliberately slowed down; I inserted small bits, pieced some of the larger ones, and even cut some off. The longer I make modern and abstract quilts, the more I find myself intrigued by small details - a sliver of pink here, a touch of orange there. Enough talking, I really hope you like it :)

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