Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crashing Hives 3, 6, and 8

If I didn't have a budget, I would have made all the blocks this month. They are all awesome! I had fun making a few extra this month.

I started by attempting this block for Shauna in Hive 3, but my first try was a disaster. After a few days, I came back to it and pressed my seams open and it worked out much better (thankfully Shauna was OK with that modification).

Helen, in Hive 6, was in my Hive last year. She and I also recently swapped mini mini quilts, and she spoiled me so thoroughly in the swap I knew I'd be making a block for her in return. This is a fast and fun block, and I will have to remember it in the future. Also, Helen, I turned the LV print in the upper left of this picture upside down and while it was a mistake, I liked it, so I left it. I hope you're OK with that.

Finally, I also made this log cabin style plus block for Liz in Hive 8. I am a sucker for log cabins. :)


Shauna said...

Love my block, can't wait to get it. My nephew is going to be so happy when I get him his nice big quilt.

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Fantastic, was so delighted to see this, and you have been busy Yvonne.