Sunday, April 10, 2016

Karen's Hive 6 Blocks for Helen

This was sure an easy block this month, but like Judy, my red stash is pretty darn small. The hardest part was finding different reds. I actually "borrowed" some fabric from a friend to make these crosses scrappy.

I agree with Tracy and Katie that it's exciting to think about my blocks traveling the world to be in a quilt along with other blocks from across the world!  I am double excited because I finally printed some special fabric on Spoonflower - the fat cat print. Wormy the Cat is a cartoon cat that my friend and I developed in high school (he has worms). I now aspire to put Wormys in all my quilts and quilt blocks (when appropriate).

I hope you enjoy them, Helen!


Gayle said...

The cat fabric caught my eye and was wondering where it came from!

Cyndi said...

Love the cats

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

Oh Karen, this will be even more special with your own fabric in this! Cant wait for these to arrive