Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hive 8 April Block for Liz

     This weekend I've had absolutely nothing I had to do, so I got right on with making two blocks for Liz.  Here they are.

     Liz gave us a great tutorial for making a log cabin cross block that finishes at 15 1/2 inches before it is sewn into the quilt.  She requested black and white fabrics for the cross and solid white for the background.  I have quite a few black and white fabrics in the stash and I chose these two as they seemed to go with the Modern graphic look Liz was looking for.  The one on the right is a house print by Erin McMorris and the one on the left is a Cotton and Steel by Rashida Coleman.
     These blocks will make a striking quilt.  I'm loving all the blocks we've made so far and my quilty bucket list keeps growing.  I'll put these in the mail for you next week Liz.  This will be the only time I won't have to fill out a customs form.  I had a really interesting conversation with one of the women who works at the post office when I mailed Amanda's block.  We might have a new quilter in the world soon!

Lisa J.

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June D said...

Boy you were quick! Really nice blocks Lisa!