Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hive 9 - April Block for Jennifer

Hi all, it's Kelly from Chicago where it was actually snowing in April as I was sewing this.

For this month, Jennifer tasked us with making a gnome or a tree block for her. The tree block was a bit of an improv while the gnome followed a FPP pattern. I did the tree and it went super fast and was very easy.

Never having done any FPP before I really wanted to try it. I had a good idea of how it worked but forgot to add the seam allowance on the sides of the gnome. Ooops. After some helpful input from Jennifer and other awesome Hive 9 ladies, I tried again and ended up with one cute little gnome. I made both blocks the same size so Jennifer could trim as desired.

I'm really glad I tried this and can't wait to try more paper piecing.


Puppilalla said...

Those are both very pretty

Cyndi said...

Great job on the Gnome especially for your first paper piecing.