Monday, February 1, 2016

Hive 6 - February Tutorial

Hi Hive 6 Worker Bees!

I'm Rebecca aka OneWeeBird and I'm your Queen Bee for February, so lets get stuck right in.

I changed my mind 3 times for this month's block, but finally settled on a brand new project that will add some sparkle to my couch and hopefully not be too taxing on your brain.

The blocks are 3/4 Log Cabins and don't take sew that is LOL the fabric play and fart assing around took me forever!!

  I really want you to embrace your love of solids ( fake it if you hate them) and just play.....there is no such thing as a mistake with these blocks. ANY solids are fine, just no prints.

The tutorial is here and I can't say it better than Ara Jane, two things I need to point out  (that I screwed up)

1. It's a log cabin, piece your strips in the round, not side,side then top like I did!!

2. Unfinished blocks need to be 12 1/2", or two 6 1/2"....feel free to mix it up within your 12 1/2" block as long as the last log is more than a 1/4" after a seam, or I'll lose the last stripe

3. Ara Jane says 3-4 colours per block maximum but if you have to use 5 I won't banish your block, this should be fun

Start with a pile of scraps

 Grab a rectangle or square and piece three sides, left to right or right to left doesn't matter.

Square up as you go and play around with the thickness and your colours, there's no such thing as clashing or wrong choices here!

Lay out your next choices to make sure you have enough and you should end up with...

Something like this......I've added a lot more blocks since this and played around with the layout to see if I still like it and I do. You'll notice the top right hand orange, pink,red block isn't 6 1/2" square, I've decided to leave it and fill in the gap.

You're welcome to do the same but please make it part of a 12 1/2" square so I don't have to fiddle around with odd size blocks.

Now go PLAY

Any questions just email me


Karen said...

I am so looking forward to this block! Thank you!

Andrea Etkie said...

I like your choice to use solids. Very modern.