Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Stash Bee - Hive 5 - August 2018 Tutorial by Valorie

Hello Hive Mates! I know summer is a busy, buzzy time and so I have chosen an easy block for you to make in August.

Image result for Bright 9-patch block
(EXAMPLE of the Nine-Patch)

The simple Nine-Patch square will take you no time at all, and I just hope you have saved some of those great black and white fabrics from Jude's block last month!

I am asking that you make your block from 5" squares in black and white PRINTS with the center square being a bright solid.

Here are some pictures of fabrics used in my examples:

Black and whites...


Just as a hint, though I will love what you decide to use, I like blues, aquas, pinks, purples, and even very bright yellows and greens for this project. Not a big fan of least on this one. (Yes, some of them in the picture don't look very bright, so just go with your favorite solid brights and ignore the pale colors here!)

The Nine-Patch block is actually a beginner block, so you won't have any trouble at all with it. Most of you will not even need a tutorial, but just in case...

Connecting Threads has a good tutorial on the Nine-Patch block here.
The Seasoned Homemaker shows how to make the Nine-Patch block here.

Please cut your 5" squares and proceed with the bright piece in the center of the block.

Layout might look like this...


In the examples above, I did think about where to put the more black or more white-feeling blocks. However, this is entirely not necessary, since my final plan will be to cut them up and then lay them out in a different way...

I don't really know yet. I will have to see what I receive from my busy bee mates and go from there. Please, just have fun with a simple block!

Update on 8/13...
****No need to trim your blocks! The ones I have received, to date, are 14" and that is fine!****

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Email might be the best way to reach me - val1053 at gmail dot com

Keep on enjoying your summer months and I hope you find time to sew a bit too! I will look forward to opening the #happymail as it arrives!

Your bee mate,
@facetfully on IG

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Jude said...

What a great idea! Thank you for a nice and simple block! I have lots of black and white so this will be a good one for me. Have fun making your quilt Val.