Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hive 6 August 2018 Tutorial

My husband and I were born in NC but met in India.  We have two children (a teacher and a preacher) and seven granddaughters.  My favorite "therapy" is quilting.  
Right now I'm finishing up a project, making a quilt for each bed in Friendship House... well, there are 24 beds and we are making 30 quilts to be sure we cover gender choices.  Our very own Emily Leachman was among the first to turn in a quilt top for this project!!
In the midst of this hot and very busy summer, I have chosen the double bow tie pattern.  It is quick and easy.
From the background fabric cut (5) 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" squares of white or white on white fabric.
For the first bow tie cut (2) dark blue 4 1/2" squares and (2) 2" squares.
For the second bow tie cut (2) light to medium blue 4 1/2" squares and (2) 2" squares.

 Again - the quilt will be blue and white with the background being white or white on white and the bow ties being blue - one being a darker blue than the other.
Assembly directions:  Mark the backs of the 2" Bow Tie squares from corner to corner.

On the corner of a 4 1/2" background square. sew a 2" Bow Tie square from corner to corner along the marked line.  Trim a 1/4" from the sew line and flip the Bow Tie fabric up to complete the corner. Press.  Make one for each bow tie.

Make the center square the same way but add Bow Tie squares to opposite corners.

Sew the blocks into rows and then the rows together to complete the 12 1/2" square (unfinished).

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Kathy Bertelsen said...

Really like this block. Bow ties are one of my favorites, but do not think I have seen this placement. Will be a great quilt