Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hive 2 Tutorial - Block for Kerry

Hi Hive 2!

I am requesting the Scrappy Crossroads Block by Lori Holt.  The picture above is directly from her website and the link to the tutorial is below:

I would like you to use low volumes in place of the aqua above.  By low volume, I am requesting low volumes with a white background.  I would be happy with low volumes with colors in them or they could be white with gray or black.  If your stash allows, I'd prefer each piece shown in aqua above to be a different low volume.  Here are some examples:

I want scrappy for the other fabrics.  I would like bright, clear colors for this quilt - red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, aqua, green, violet prints. Please no squares that are primarily brown or black.  It is fine if there is a small amount of those colors in a square that is primarily a bright color.
 Here are some examples:

I took these pictures at night - sorry they are dark.  Also, I cut off many greens!

I will post a sample block tomorrow.

Thanks for sewing for me!

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Hi Hive Mates!  Here's my sample block:

You can follow Lori Holt's pressing directions or press how you prefer.  Here's how I pressed mine:

I nested the seams for the 16 patch and the 4 patch blocks.

When sewing the final seams to assemble the block, I pressed the seams away from the 4 patch and 16 patch blocks so my seams would nest.

So, the cutting of the 2 1/2 inch squares is what takes the longest.  I apologize if that is a burden for you.  I cut extras.  I could easily pop some squares in the mail to anyone who wants some precut.  That way you could mix them in with yours and you would have less to cut.

Let me know if you'd like some.  This is only three of the stacks I cut.

THANK YOU for sewing for me!


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