Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hive 3 Granny Square for Lisa

Lisa, here is your cute granny square.  This was a new one to me and I keep thinking there is probably another method to this, like a trip around the world, but it was fun and I like it.  I am currently working on a scrappy red white and blue quilt hosted by Moda School of Sewing, so I had all my patriotic colors already pulled together so that was easy. 

I am also in an agricultural community, farmers are the best.  We had a farm, raised wheat, cotton and maize.  Sold it after the kids graduated from college and weren't planning coming back to farm.  We had a seed and chemical business, so we know that part too.  And then my husband retired two years ago as executive secretary of a cotton organization, so that was a great way to keep involved with agriculture. 

My town is probably smaller than yours:  About 2500 people, 1 grocery story, Family Dollar, Dollar General, a new big truck stop, 7+ good restaurants, a local department store that sells jeans, shoes, clothes, etc.  And most of all importance, a really great quilt store. 

I teach piano, play for a church, lead a tai chi group, deliver meals on wheels when it's my turn and sew whenever I can. 

I'm having a ton of fun in stash bee and look forward to another year. 



Cheshire's Designs said...

Susan, what a great block.

I love hearing your background as well.

As for small towns, you live in a metropolis compared to us. We have a population of 430 people. Our school has Pre-K through 12th all in one big building. We have a Post Office, US Bank, very small grocery store, and City Hall. We do have a gas station at the edge of town.

Our area raises wheat and cattle.


Barb said...

you are one busy person. Love the block, I have not done one of these yet.

LisaStorm323 said...

Susan - I love hearing about your town and your amazing life! Our town is a bit larger, but mainly because we are on I-75 in the center of the state, and we also are the city where six-seven major highways come together. The town has long been called the "crossroads of Georgia" for good reason. I work for Farm Credit, and have been with the system for 16 years now. I love it. I get to know the farmers, the ag suppliers, and the growers associations all through work. It's wonderful - We are starting cotton harvest now, and it looks like snow! It's definitely my favorite time of year to ride the countryside.
Your block looks amazing! I'm sure there is probably a better way to make the block, but this was my first time on it, too! I am hoping to pull this one together for my sister in law and her husband, who are both active duty Air Force. I'm hoping to have it quilted and bound when she comes home.
Thanks again for sharing - Have a great week!