Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bears Paw Blocks

I tackled the September block right at the first of the month and was so excited as I think they turned out super pretty!.. and then life happened and they never made it in the mail.  Between being sick, travel, hard drive crash and crazy work schedules, it just didn't happen.  There they sat staring at me on my work table every time I had a few minutes to sew.  When my hard drive crashed, it was really hard to figure out how to do anything! I'm so dependent on my computer and my files were all lost and my last back up was about 18 months old.  Take it as your public service announcement, BACK UP your stuff!  Anyway, a new computer and many tears later for the lost pics and documents, I'm back up and running.  So, here are the September blocks.

My most sincere apologies for being late.  I hope they work well in your quilt.


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Unknown said...

Glad things are better for you. The blocks really are so pretty