Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October Block for Kathy

Cutting it close to the wire, I know.
Kathy wanted us to make our blocks in her colors for her this month, so I had to decide my November block before making hers.
This is a version of what mine will be, stay tuned, do not make yet, because it will be a little different!

Hope you enjoy, Kathy!
Heather Browne (aka HotPinkThread)


Cheryl said...

It's gorgeous, Kathy! We'll be ending with a challenge! :)

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I know Kathy, and she will love this! I'll be watching for the tutorial Heather-this is cool!

KathyC said...

OMG :-)
I am *so* excited!!!
Thank you for the beautiful block!!!

Cyndi said...

Wow that is gorgeous.