Monday, April 17, 2017

Hive 8 April X and + Blocks for Ursula

Ursula, I will have these in the mail this week to you.  Hopefully they work well with the other blocks.  I have to say yellow is not my cup of tea so I was limited in my stash choices (if it was mustard I would have had you covered😉). I am also including a few extra squares to use if you have any more blocks to make. Congratulations on your growing family!

💗 Rochelle


Bethany said...

Beautiful blocks!!! <3

niveas said...

I love your Blocks - also the yellow :) and I know it's hard to get some 'good' yellow. That's why I'm always looking out for the 'real' yellow fabrics. Thank you so much for the super cute I spy Parts. I'm sure our little frog will love them! ❤