Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hive 1 Star Block for T

I loved the colors T picked for her blocks this month.  Deep blue is one of my favorite colors to wear but I haven't sewn much with it, I think now I'll start!

I made two star blocks, the first one pretty simple and then one with a little more piecing. Hope you enjoy, T! ~ Greta


Cheshire's Designs said...

These are gorgeous!

T said...

Greta, these are each gorgeous and unique!!!! They arrived yesterday and are the first stars to glow in my quilt!!! Your fabrics are beautiful, especially your Mother's hand dyed fabric! Thank you for your beautiful stars!

Bethany said...

So lovely!!!! I'm pretty jealous of T's quilt!!

Unknown said...

These are so pretty.... Mine are still on the cutting board...My project for this weekend for T.

T said...

Thanks, Bethany!! It really will be a treasure!!!

T said...

Have fun with it, Kathy!!!! Thank you so much!