Saturday, April 1, 2017

Block for April - Hive 2 Tutorial

Hi everyone l thought trying a paper pieced block this month would be fun.
I have never done paper piecing before and found this block user friendly. I thought using batik for birds wing would be great along with a cream, off white or light tan background. If you want a video tutorial that was helpful to get me started The Crafty Gemini does a very basic paper piecing project that helps with basic concept.

The first step is to print the is the link

I started by doing the legs first (simple)

Fold paper back and cut excess fabric, then press.

Continue to next background piece

Add another background piece to form leg and the repeat

Then just cut out around dotted lines


Next step is the body, I just labeled several of the pieces to give you an idea how each piece looks as you go.

This is what the body looks like before trimming.

Finish by adding top piece of background and you have a  bird!


Paulette Eccleston said...

What size is the "finished" bird? I want to make sure I have printed it correctly.

Cyndi said...

Well I went to the link and the tutorial says that the finished size of the bird is 5x6 inches.

BrendaZ said...

That's for helping me out Cyndi. I just assumed that once you printed the pattern that would be the size. Happy quilting.