Monday, April 10, 2017

Birdie, Birdie, Birdie!

Hi All,
Wellllllll..... Paper Piecing just isn't my forte'... and usually ends up with at least one "OOPS" and this time is not different!  Ugh.. I wish I could just fly through paper piecing with ease like birds in the air, or just wing it and have it work.. but no!  It's for the birds! hehe.. Anyway, enough with my silliness. 

So here is my OOPS
And here is the good bird
and here they are keeping each other company - birds of a feather flock together...
I sent both along with some bits of fabric that you can use to fix the one block, use in some additional blocks or just add to your stash!  Maybe just keep the OOPS block and add it to the quilt as part of the story.  So, I'll just flutter away, clean up the nest of scraps and listen to the chirping birds of spring!