Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Hive 7 Tutorial

I would love to do a quilt using 1/2 square triangles. Each triangle will finish 4.5 inches(Total of 16 4 1/2 inch triangles). I would like to use white or low volumes for the light part of the triangle and then whatever is in your stash with the dark part of the triangle. picture are some fabric choices I have pulled as examples

I found a couple methods on making 1/2 square triangles one being the MAGIC 8 method where I used (2) 10 inch (1 light and 1 dark)block to make the 1/2 square triangles. This will give you 8 triangles by using this method.
or you can make different ones using the standard method which will yield you 2 blocks that look the same by cutting out (2) 5 inch blocks (1 light and 1 dark) .

If you sewed together these (16) 1/2 square triangles blocks would make a 16.5 inch block but I am asking for you NOT to sew together as I want to make a quilt as is pictured in the link below.

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