Saturday, March 18, 2017

March Hive 4 block for Patty

As I informed our Hive Mama, I originally made two blocks, hated them, cut them up, and then used the salvageable pieces to make one block that I am very happy with.

This will be in the mail today!


Havplenty said...

Kudos to you for hanging with it. I would have found this bee block challenging myself. But you rose to the challenge.

Paula Pike said...

Love, love, love this block. I so appreciare the fact that you pressed the block when completed.

Patty said...

Your block arrived today and I love it! I completely understand the cutting and moving on part, as I have done that as well. In fact, I find the blocks I end up preferring are made from the scraps of a previous block. Thank you for hanging in there! Well Done!