Monday, March 6, 2017

Crashing Hive 3 - Summer Perseid

Dearest Queen Lee,

Permit me to help you populate your nightly firmament with stars. As requested a star of choice in dark blue and coral sprinkled with pink and turquoise.

This beauty is the ‘Summer Perseid’ block by ‘Leland Ave Studios’. It is a traditionally pieced block and the free tutorial can bee found here, in case you wondered =)

I really like the asymmetrical look of the star and hope so do you.
I made myself a block too.

Hive Crashing rocks!

Coming up next a Hive 4 improv extravaganza! Stay tuned.



zaney said...

you are too funny! Thank you SEW much, my former hive mate!!

Unknown said...

Ahoy! Love these!

Rose Braun said...

This is a great block, I think I may give it a try.

Bethany said...

What a gorgeous block!!!