Monday, March 27, 2017

Hive 3 Star Block for Lee

I am a bit embarrassed with how long it took me to get it together this month...but here is my star block for Lee!

Choosing was fun...I went to my book "50 Fabulous Paper-pieced Stars" by Carol Doak and found the Minnesota Star. I ordered my fabrics (that's the point of the stash bee, right, to build up your stash? LOL) and made my copies...then let life get in the way until yesterday.

But now, it's done, and fabulous! I took you at your word that a dab of violet would be okay... It's a 16" block by the way...I just thought that size sounded nice.

I definitely look forward to seeing these quilt blocks up on the wall. Mine will be in the mail to you on Tuesday!



Puppilalla said...

A very cute star =)

Lisa J. said...

It's gorgeous. No wonder it took time.

zaney said...

Worth the wait! I love it!!!

Pam Chamberlin said...

It's super!