Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hive 4 Improv For Patty...

For the Stash Bee block for March, our Queen has asked that we do an improve block using the Liberated Quiltmaking and Minimal Quiltmaking techniques of Gwen Marston. Our Queen also chose a muted palette of solids with small bits of high contrast. This type of piecing and this palette are way outside my comfort range.

I was very nervous when I started and tried my hardest to not go with my love for symmetry. It's still kind of there if you ask me.
I was feeling pretty good about inserting those diagonal bits of color so I decided to go for it and attempt the curved piecing. That turned out to be so much easier than I anticipated so I attempted another one.
Overall I'm pleased with how the block turned out, I hope our Queen likes this. I'll be honest, I don't see myself ever making a quilt with this technique. It just isn't my style. But I am interested to see the finished quilt.


Patty said...

It looks fabulous! Thank you for giving it a try. I do not usually work with solids or improv, so it was an adventure for me as well, and one I was hoping you all would enjoy.😘

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