Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hive 3 March Block Tutorial

Woohoo!  It's March!  In New England March can bring any weather from frigid to steamy, but it is a month of hope after the long winter.  But you didn't come here to talk about the weather, so let's talk about the blocks you'll be making this month.  Pick a star, any star, any star you want!  Feeling pressed for time?  Wonky stars! Want to try something new? Paper pieced stars (my favorite as of late). There are hundreds of star block patterns at your disposal, so many that the hardest part of your task this month will be choosing just one.  Size does not matter.  Here are my colors:
My main colors are navy and coral and my secondary colors are saturated pink and turquoise.  Dabs of yellow and violet are also welcome.  Please just make sure navy or coral (or both) are the primary colors used in your block.  I kept meaning to make more, but here are two (paper pieced) stars that I made as examples:
The star on the left is 12.5" and and the right one is 6.5" unfinished 

I'm so stoked for the happy starry night quilt that will come to be this spring!  Thank you in advance bee mates!!


Cheshire's Designs said...


I'm so excited to make these blocks. I might have to make a quilt for my grandson with these lovelies.

JudyB said...

Yay! Great block choice--I love paper pieced stars.

LisaStorm323 said...

Oh fun!! I can't wait to make these!!