Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hive 1, MARCH Tutorial

Hi Everybody,
First of all, for the ones who don't know me, let me introduce myself.
My name is Oph(élie), i'm a thirty something french chick living in Paris. (I'll try to do my best with that block tutorial, but english is not my langage, so if something's not clear tell me right away! :D )
As I said, I live in Paris with my boyfriend and 3 littles rats.

I started sewing when I was a child but only recently fell into quilting when I discovered Modern Quilting. I totally got hooked!!
Joining a bee was one of my quilty wishes for 2017, because I miss the "community" that goes with "quilting".  I finally joined 4! and one even is a totally french bee! 👍
If you want to see the quilty projects i'm working on, you can find me on IG : @quiltoph
It's my first time as a queen bee, so I hope I'll do a good job :)

Now let the fun begin!

  • Dark teal, 
  • Teal, 
  • Dark pink, 
  • Medium gray, 
  • Text fabric that would read like a light grey (If you don't have any text fabric you can use low volume with black on white fabric , or even a light grey print) 
  • Olive green
  • Mustard 
I went totally scrappy for this block (I thought it would help all the blocks to blend better) so I used a different print for each cut. If you don't have enough of a color, you can double them up. It's what I did for the dark pink. I only had 4 prints and needed 8 cuts.
If you're not sure about a print or a color, feel free to ask :) Anything modern will surely work fine but I'm not a fan of batik fabrics :D

Here are a few selections of fabrics that would work. I hope it will give you a better idea than just the block.


It's also written on the pattern but it goes like that:

It's called Treasure hunt and it's a block from the bee hive by Blossom heart quilts. 
You can download the pattern I modified  here. (hoping it will make the process easier)
Or the original pattern on Alyce's site here .

Here is what the modified pattern looks like.

I know that paper piecing is not everyone's favorite method, but I promess this is the easiest paper piecing pattern ever! And with great results ! :D
I like how easy this pattern is. You don't have to figure out what shape of fabric to cut. Simply cut the rectangles as mentioned above, sew them together following the numbers, and you're done! And the final result looks far more complicated than it really is . I like that! :D

 If you're not comfortable with paper piecing, here is a link to a video tutorial that I find ok.

After paper piecing your 4 quarters you should end up with something like that (each quarter mesures 6.5 inch .):

Then you simply have to sew them two by two. (As the blocks are paper pieced, your previous seams should match without any problems :D  ). And then one last seam to join the two half blocks.

I decided to press these 3 last seams open, in order to have a flatter block and to keep it's size to 12.5 inch.

I hope everything was clear in this post. I wish you a happy sewing! I'm going to wait impatiently for your blocks to come my way :p 
I also wanted to ask you if it was Ok for you to send a 4 1/2 inch square of white fabric with your name and stuff on it , so I could sew all those labels in the back of my quilt.
And if you have any doubt or question... I'm here! :D





Bethany said...

This is just lovely!! If I get caught up in March I'll be crashing this hive! <3

Kathy Bertelsen said...

Am having a difficult time downloading the revised pattern?

QuiltOph Ophélie said...

Kathy I just tried again to download the pattern and it works perfectly. I'm wondering if there's not a problem with the fact it's a french site... I don't know. But you can use the link to dowload the original pattern from blossom heart quilts's site. Sorry for the bug :(