Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holy Schnikey - I'm All Caught Up! (Hive #4)

During the Easter season when Christians around the world are celebrating the miracle of Jesus's resurrection, I am adding an additional celebration of my own miracle (though it's not anywhere close to the miracle of resurrection).  I think I can actually say...I'm caught up on my Hive blocks following massive backlog thanks to moving.

I had a lot of fun with the March block, even if the seams aren't all perfect.  Kelsey, I did not trim the final block size down, mainly because I didn't have a cutting mat/area large enough to do it safely.  I figured you would prefer to have a slightly larger block you can trim down to the proper size than to get one that is all jacked up.

Pauline, your wonky house block, is, well, wonky.  I hope that it isn't too small, but it is a house ;)

And applique...phew, the applique owl block is done.  I went ahead and included it in the collage here so that the final applique can be seen (that was NOT easy for me in the least, but the design was fun to come up with the get attached prior to the applique). 

So, bring it April.  I've got some red fabric waiting already cut and green ready to join in at any time.  After I celebrate the holiday with my family!

These three blocks will hit the mail sometime next week!

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Carol said...

a BIG WHOOP WHOOP to you! The owls are adorable and the house is great. thanks for posting.