Friday, March 1, 2013

Hive 2 March Block for Jan

While I was taking a break from sewing stuff for baby I thought I'd go ahead and get March's block done today too.  This one was a lot of fun for me (mostly because I love the challenge of using rainbow fabrics and figuring out placement for each color.)

Jan, I took you at your word that you love brights and dots, I hope you love this block!

March 2013 Stash Bee Block

Speaking of March's block, I just heard from one of our Hive 2  members that she's going to need an angel block made for her this month.  Does anyone out there (in any of the four hives) want to jump in and make one of these blocks?  If so, please just comment on the post.

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NW Patchwork said...

I will make an extra block! No problem :) Love all your rainbow dots. So pretty.

Stephanie Granite said...

Thanks Jackie!

Jan aka StampQn said...

I love it. Yea for dots!!! Thank you.

Carol said...

Love all the dots! It's a happy block.

Jan aka StampQn said...

The block arrived yesterday and it is full of dots and I LOVE it. Thank you so much. Jan