Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hive 4 August Block Tutorial

Hi Everyone, I am Pam and I live in Oklahoma.  For my block I am making my new daughter in law a quilt. How we got so lucky to have her in our family is beyond me. She  has been a asset  helping us and my son help raise my daughters 2 little boys. My daughter passed away when they were just 2 and 4 so for someone to come in and take days off so they can go to school function and school parties like their mom would have done is a true blessing.

My block come from  She has a awesome blog and she is on instagram
She kindly gave me permission to use her block and modify to the needed size

I have modified my block to be 9 1/2 by 15 1/2 unfinished

For this block you will need a solid pink and a assortment of green fabrics (the greens  do not have to be solid) Examples Below

I know it is a lot of pieces but by stacking my greens and cutting out multiple 2 inch squares out at the same time and by cutting the pink strips it took me 14 minutes to do that and 39 minutes to piece together.

Cutting Instructions

Green Fabric- (32) 2 inch squares (I stack my green fabric and cut multiple 2 inch squares at one time).

2 of the green  squares will be paired up with the solid pink to make the 1/2 square triangles needed

Pink Fabric (I cut a 3 1/2 inch strips the width of a fat quarter and  (2) 2 inch strips the width of a fat quarter first then subcut into the pieces below)

From the  2 inch strip I cut

(3)  2 inch squares
(8)  1 inch squares
(1) 2 in by 8 in
(1) 2 in by 9 1/2 inch

From the  3 1/2 strip I cut

(1)  3 1/2 in by 5 in
(1)   3 1/2  in by 6 1/2 in
(1)  2 in  by 3 1/2 in

Since I modified the sizes I marked out her measurements and added mine. If you have any question just ask me thru facebook .  I tried to mark this up on the computer but had no luck so I just decided white out and scan picture back into computer was easier.

First thing I did was add the  corners to the blocks that needed the corners added (4 green blocks needed  a 1  in squared added to them and then 2 of the greens needed  (2) 1 inch squares added to each of them as in the picture above. I also did my(2)  1/2 triangles at that time. I sewed corner to corner on the 1 inch block  and also corner to corner on the 2 inch block to make the (2) half square triangles.

I then followed the picture above and piece the block as shown in block above .

With  the finished blocks. you can choose which direction you want your block to go as shown in pictures below I did a couple one way and one the other way.

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