Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hive 2 August Tutorial - Improv Block for Valorie

Hi BeeMates! Hope the summer is ticking along nicely for you!

It is always a challenge to decide what to select as the block of the month for the Stash Bee! I am just now getting around to working with the blocks I received last year!

This post is a bit long, so here I go...

At heart, I am more of an improv quilter. I don’t know how many of you in Hive 2 do improv, but I am going to go with that for my month of August and let you all get creative!

If you are not an improv person, perhaps it is time for you to try! If you would like to read an article about improve, check out this one by Cheryl Arkison… or here is a very simple tutorial by Cheryl…  
My favorite, Jacquie Gering, offers up this tutorial…

If you do circles, that would be fun! Or half circles. Wonky log cabin, anyone? Sew and slash? Plus blocks? Cross blocks? Just strips is easy and clears out scraps. Take a standard block and make it crooked. How about applique? This is time for you to just play and see what comes of it! I promise it is addictive! Like we need another addiction!

 Here are some examples, though not necessarily the colors I have chosen…                                       
Cross blocks by Stitched in Color
Stuart Moore Textiles Design Challenge


 A Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Giving Committee beauty. Love these colors!

                                                      Improv Circles from She Can Quilt... 

                  From Alidiza…these are the colors!   …with some Black and White…or not!

I hope these little pictures give you some ideas.

The color palette I am looking for is Purple, Teal, Black and White. A quick fabric pull from my stash of pieces and scraps revealed these ideas for play in my room… 


Please make your blocks 14 inches. Why, you ask? Well…are you ready for this? I just might slash them and put them back together with others! OH MY!!! That is improv!!!

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you do! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at val1053 at gmail dot com or @facetfully on Instagram.

Happy piecing everyone!
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