Thursday, November 1, 2018

Stash Beehive 2 - Tutorial for Morgan's November block

Hello hive 2! I'm Morgan and my Instagram handle is @cedacanthus. I'm all the way over in New Zealand and I'm really looking forward to receiving some happy mail this month!
It's almost us for the year! Just the home stretch left now.

I've chosen the Not Quite a Sawtooth Star block from Coriander Quilts for my block this month. A nice easy one!

Fabric choices: I'd like you to go as scrappy as you can! Throw all your navies and yellows into this block please! I'm looking for clear navies (no medium blues please) and middling yellows (a few lighter yellow pieces are also acceptable). It's totally cool to have pieces with other colours in there but please make sure that your fabric reads as mostly navy or yellow.

You can go have a look at the tutorial if you like but the construction is pretty simple so I thought I'd lay it out here.
Basically we're starting by cutting four 4" navy squares, four 4x5.5" navy rectangles, eight 3" yellow squares and one 5.5" yellow square for the centre. Please try make this block as scrappy as you can, with as many different fabrics as you can.

Snowball the corners of the navy rectangles with the yellow squares (draw a diagonal line on the back, stitch, trim and flip - remembering you can make the offcuts into tiny HSTs too if you like to do that).

Arrange the pieces like so and stitch them together in rows, then stitch those rows together. Simple!

And there you have an almost sawtooth star block!
I'm really looking forward to getting these blocks in the mail and THANK YOU for a wonderful bee this year!


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