Saturday, November 3, 2018

Stash Bee finish from 2017

Last year was my first time doing any kind of online swap.  I was nervous, so each month, I made a practice block (or two or three) to make sure I got it just right.  I have a LOT of purple scraps, so that's what I used.  As the year wound up and my turn as Queen came around, I hadn't settled on what block I wanted.  I kept staring at my hivemates' blocks on my design wall.

That's when it hit me -- what if everyone made their block for me?  So, here it is.  My 2017 Stash Bee (almost) finish!  Thanks again, everyone from 2017 Hive 2!

flimsy-only on a queen sized bed

quilted, but not yet scalloped & bound


Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

What a great idea. Looks perfect.

Pam Chamberlin said...

This is the best stashbee quilt ever. I love your colors and layout. Congratulations on your finish.

Stephanie said...

Looks great! It was so much fun to be in Hive 2 with you last year. I thought this was a great idea to preserve memories of the year.

Emily said...

Looks great! I love that you had everyone make their block in your colors!