Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hive 3 November Tutorial - Modern Christmas Tree

Welcome to November!

Hi Stash Bee hive mates! We are we are at the end of our experience together. First of all, I want to say thank you for your grace as I have gone through this past year. We moved this past July and I did not anticipate how much work it would entail, so THANK YOU and I am grateful for you and your patience!

My six year old daughter, Ella Bea and my three year old son, Patrick are ready to celebrate the winter season. Therefore, to get us in the mood, I selected the modern Christmas tree block quilt from the blog, The Diary of a Quilter. The free tutorial is great and easy to follow and I had a great time with this block. I hope it provides some festive fun in your fall quilting. The block took about 30 minutes from cutting to finish, so I also think it will be a quick one to do during this busy season.

Fabric pull- think festive, think Starbucks holiday cups, think anything bright and fun. No pattern is too crazy. I am up for anything you want to throw together! The more (pattern) the merrier in this quilt.  For inspiration- check out #holidaypatchworkforest on Instagram.

The blog is super easy to follow! Please see my pictures below to help you as well. Follow her guidelines as she discusses how to cut the trees. As you can see from the last picture, I did not follow the guidelines so well in terms of seam of allowance. However, the blocks are still beautiful!



The pattern completes two blocks, and now you can start your own #holidaypatchworkforest tree quilt! 
Have fun! 
With gratitude, 
Meghan (@megsverde)

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