Monday, September 18, 2017

Spring Tulips for Debbie

I made this block for Debbie and she has already received it.  Even better, she likes it! :)
I really struggled to find tone-on-tone fabrics in my stash, which was surprising to me.  And, I was in such a hurry to make and mail this block because I was leaving on loooong trip, not to be home in time to wait until the end of the month. No time to shop. In the photo, the background pale blue reads as white - it is not.
For the colors, I had to go deep into my stash and that's when I learned I don't often buy tone-on-tone fabrics with any color to them. Tan, beige, almond, white-plenty! But, when I wondered about this hole in my stash I realized I am drawn to prints. Surprise? Many thanks to Debbie, because now I have a real plan when fabric shopping. Still buy that wonderful fat quarter print and a tone-on-tone in a complementary color.

Debbie, I hope your project is beautifully successful!

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