Friday, September 1, 2017

Hive 8-September Block Tutorial

Hi Hive 8!!

I've picked a block that I saw on Pinterest, though I didn't waste time looking for a tutorial-I just made mine own up. So bear with me please! I am going to use these blocks for a quilt for my daughter Jacklynn. I was able to make one for my son from a pinwheel block swap on Instagram earlier this summer, so now it's her turn. I have three examples of the color palette that I want to use. They are all slightly different but I love them all and I think a quilt of all palates used will make a beautiful quilt--so choose one and go with it, just try to choose one and not mix them together, and I do not want any white, black or grey as filler. Thank you guys so much!!!

I used the last palate for my block and I love it!! To start I cut 12.5" strips of varying widths from 1.5"-3". Piece them together to make a 12.5" by 12.5" square.

 I then rotated one of the blocks to start the sewing. As you can see the strips are going in opposite directions.

After pining my blocks together I sewed in the directions of the arrows above, along all 4 sides of the blocks. Be careful when doing this my blocks were shifting, but I was able to keep at it and get them sewn up correctly.

Next we have to cut one block into four blocks

After cutting the block cross wise both ways, I trimmed my blocks to 4- 8.5" blocks. You don't have to worry about sewing them back together, I will do that. I want to be able to mix them up. Here are some different examples on how I will be able to arrange them. 
Thank you so much for your help!!!
Michelle Hargenrader Sigmon

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This looks like a great stash buster