Friday, September 1, 2017

Hive 3 September Tutorial – Pam’s Block

I’m so excited to be Queen Bee this month!  

Years ago when I first started quilting, I drew up a sketch of a 4-block wallhanging. 

I never made the wallhanging, but I recently sewed up the block and wrote these instructions for my September tutorial.  I’m sure the block has a traditional name, but I don’t know what it is, so I’m calling it Pam’s Block.  Original, right?

Fabric selection

I used a total of six different fabrics—one neutral low-volume background and five contrasting prints. 

 want a fun and scrappy quilt in any colors, but would prefer no novelty/juvenile prints or batiks. For the background, fabric A, I’d prefer light or low volume, so that I might get some of the secondary pattern where four blocks meet. 

Here are the cutting dimensions for the fabrics:

Number of pieces

Half-Square Triangle Units (HSTs)

From the fabric A and B 3½” squares and the C and D 5½” squares, make A/B and C/D HSTs using the two-at-a-time method.  For example, to make two A/B HSTs, layer one A 3½” square and one B 3½” square right sides together. 

Draw a diagonal line on one square.  I used a hera marker to do this.  

Then sew ¼” from the line on both sides. 

Cut between the stitching. 

Press the two HSTs open, pressing the seams to one side. 

Trim each A/B HST unit to 2½”. 

Repeat using all the A and B 3½” squares to make a total of 16 A/B 2½” HSTs. 
Repeat with the C and D 5½” squares to make a total of 4 C/D 4½” HSTs.

Note:  You can start with 3” and 5” squares, respectively, of fabrics A/B and C/D, but I like to start with larger pieces and then trim the HSTs down.   

Laying out and sewing the block

Once you’ve got the HSTs made, you’re ready to lay out and sew the block.

You can sew the sub-units together in any way that makes sense to you.  Here are some photos of how I did mine.   

The assembled block should come out at about 14½”, but don’t stress if it’s not exact.  Mine isn’t.  

I’d rather you didn’t trim the block down to exactly 14½”.  That way, I can measure the blocks I receive and trim them down somewhat uniformly.

Thanks so much for making these blocks for me.  Email me if you have any questions about the block or my instructions.  I can’t wait to see what you make. 


Lisa J. said...

it's a very cute block. I will have fun looking for something cute for the middle.

Pam Chamberlin said...


LisaStorm323 said...

This is a super cute block! It will be a lot of fun to put together!

Pam Chamberlin said...

It was fun selecting the fabrics. When I originally planned the wall hanging I was going to use all the same fabrics in each block. My taste has changed some since then, and I'm looking forward to a more freewheeling colorful quilt.