Friday, September 1, 2017

Hive 7 Block for September - Say Cheese!

Happy September Everyone,

I am the lucky person (Cathleen aka Kitch Kouture) who gets to post block directions this month. Thank goodness I had so many months to ponder this decision. 

There are many in my family who are nuts about photography. My grandfather took photographs from the 1920s to the early 50s and my son studied photography in high school.  As I help my parents downsize, I’ve been looking at photographs that I haven’t seen in decades (many of them unlabeled, darn it).  

With photography and life stages on my mind, I would appreciate your help with part of a quilt experiment. I’d like to create a quilt with different sizes of film blocks that will hold various images.  Your job is to create the frame of perforated hole strips. I will create the large negative space possibly using transferred photos, embroidery and/or representational piecing.


Please choose two fabrics.  
  • One black that is a solid, blackish or a tone on tone that reads as black.  
  • One white that is a solid, whitish or a tone on tone that reads as white.

Fabric Amounts

Black - two 42” (width of fabric) by 2” strips

Black - four 23” by 1” strips

White - one 42” (width of fabric) by 2” strip


Trim the white strip and one 2” black strip to 36”. Sew them together lengthwise. This will give you a unit approximately 36” long by 3.5” wide. 

Press the seam towards the black.  

Sub-cut 14 units from that strip that are 2.5” wide.  As I cut further into the long strip, I occasionally needed to make a straightening cut.

Sew seven units together so that the strip begins with a white rectangle.  Sew another seven units together to make a second strip.  Cut two white 2” x 2.5” rectangles from the remaining white and add one to each end. Each of these units should measure approximately 23” x 2.5”.

Press the seams towards the black. 

Sew the 1” black strips to both sides of each unit.  

Press the seams towards the black.

And the final and easiest step.  Please cut and include one 42” x 2” black that I will use for the vertical sides of the film block.

Karen, from Hive 8, kindly tested my directions.  I hope that everyone finds them easy to understand now that they are improved. Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to greeting each of these as they arrive in my mail box.

Cathleen aka Kitch Kouture

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