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Hive 5 September 2017 Anna's Hug-O Block

anna's HUG-O BLOCK

Hi, I'm anna and I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my husband, three teenage children and two (PLUMP) cats. 

I carry around a journal and looking back at all the blocks I've doodle this year in anticipation of September it's a bunch. But when it came to the crunch there was only only one choice. If you are on Instagram then you may know Jessica @craftycop On July 6 Police Officer Miosotis Familia was shot and killed while on duty. That same day Jessica put up a post asking for donations of blue Raspberry Kiss Blocks to make into a quilt to gift to Miosotis' family. She asked for 42 blocks and today (31 August) has received 2357 blocks PLUS batting, backing, binding, prize donations, free quilting, free piecing, money for shipping...the hashtag is #bluerkblocks 💙
Answering Jessica's call I have sent 18 blocks and found myself doodling that block at work all the time (doesn't everyone doddle quilt blocks at work?). Then one day I was thinking what goes with a X (kiss) we'll quite obviously a O (hug). 
I tootled around the internet looking and could not find an O so I drafted this one. 
You will need;
❹ 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 colour
❶ 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 low volume
❷ 4 3/8 x 4 3/8 colour
❷ 4 3/8 x 4 3/8 low volume
❹ 1' x 1' colour
❷ 7 1/4 x 7 1/4 low volume cut on the diagonal

Fabric choice - now this I am leaving ENTIRELY TO YOU! It would be great if the low volume was all the same not scrappy (not white if that's ok?)  and as to the colour, I would love it if you picked your VERY FAVORITE fabric. The choice of colour and print is totally up to you. Whoop Whoop🙌🙌

Alrighty lets turn those 4 3/8 blocks into no waste 1/2 square triangles (thanks Post-it!)

Cut on the drawn line, press to the dark side and square them up into 3 1/2 (there is a fair bit of wiggle room)

Four corner dog ear your ❶ low volume 3 1/2 square 

Trim and press it

Then it's just a 9 patch

Sew the  7 1/4 triangles onto all four sides, now some thoughts about sewing fabric cut on the bias. MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT PIN! It's a disaster, I know it seems like a good idea but trust me it's not. Always put the bias cut fabric on the bottom (saggy fabric on the bottom). Let the feed dogs do the work of pulling the fabric through try not to pull. 

And looky 👀looky 👀squared up to 12.5' and looking fine! What a pretty hug.

Now you know what would go great with that Hug-O? Yup a Raspberry Kiss!

And with Cotton and Steel jumper friends!

And if you are interested in why it is X's and O's became kisses and hugs the Washington Post does a detailed article on it's origins

I hope you enjoy making my Hug-O and THANK YOU in advance.

anna - Miss September

( Two truths and a lie
1. Anthony Kiedis came to my house for dinner TRUE
2. Bryan Adams asked me out for a drink TRUE
3. Nicole Kidman swapped shoes with me at a party That's not true)

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