Friday, August 11, 2017

Hive 3 for Michelle

Here are my log cabin blocks for Michelle to turn into bento boxes.

Does anyone else from the southern US feel like we're making quilts for the Florida Gators?  😁

In yesterday's mail.


Paula Pike said...

I love them!!! So bright and fun! Mine went in the mail today.

Susan said...

I didn't know whose team was those colors, but now I get it. However Michelle's from Australia, so maybe there's another team with those colors. They are colorful for sure!

JudyB said...
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JudyB said...

Blue and orange is a perfectly good complementary color scheme. I probably wouldn't have thought about Florida gators except on the day I was sewing these blocks we received a donation request in the mail from University of Florida in bold blue and orange. Then I couldn't think of anything but Florida gators. My husband did some graduate work at UF.