Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hive 9 - August Tutorial

I am Shelly Recicar, and I live in South Florida with my husband, two dogs and cat.  We live on the intracoastal and boat often. I have been a member of the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild for six years.  I am using my blocks for my grandson.  His first birthday is in September.  My block is a significantly altered version of quills and arrows from Quilter's Cache.  This block is simple to make.  Don't fret if your arrow bases don't line up perfectly as you can see mine don't!  I don't think my grandson will ever know the difference.  But he will enjoy the bright colors.

My color palette is red orange, yellow/golden yellow, citron, aqua, and navy. Please use solids or modern fabrics. No reproductions, batiks or novelty fabric please.


4 - 6 1/2 inch squares (four different colors) Cut in half  diagonally.
Arrows (arrows can be the same fabrics used in backgrounds)
4- 2 x 10 inch strips (four different colors)
4- 3 inch squares (same fabric choices as the strips) Draw a horizontal line on the back of each

Sewing (four squares make one block)

  • Sew each  half of the background square to the arrow strip.

  • Iron seams to the side and trim block to 6 1/2 inches.
  • Sew arrow square to one corner on the marked horizontal line
  • Trim seam to 1/4 inch
  • Sew blocks together with points facing outward.
Thanks in advance for your special blocks.  I hope you enjoy making them.


Lisa J. said...

This is a wonderful block. If I have time I might have to make it.

shelly recicar said...