Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August 2017 Hive 4 Block for Queen Katrin

 Once again, my "love" of paper piecing is confirmed!  This block, with hope, will be beautiful once assembled.  But I am going to ask you to finish it before I rip its little head out!  Everything appears to be sewn correctly on the segments, but my frustration level has peaked getting them to line up.  I am afraid I am going to hurt it if I keep trying😂  Anyway, thank you for the challenge and confirmation that paper piecing and I keep our safe distance from each other. 🦊😘

1 comment:

Puppilalla said...

Wow, Patty, you were super fast. Sorry that it was such a chore. Just send the pieces as they are, I will assemble them, no problem. And thank you