Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hive 8 - August Tutorial - Wacky Shades of Gray

Hi Everyone...Tori here from Camden Maine with August's Tutorial.  I had been planning on a different block since the beginning of this years Stash Bee.  As time got closer to my month as Queen Bee, I started to second guess myself.  I had originally planned a block that was foundation paper pieced.  Now I love paper piecing, but I know that not everyone feels the same.  And because its August, which can be a pretty hot month here in the states, I wanted to give everyone an easy block.

I chose a wonky log cabin block that has an easy method to it.  A little improv can be good for a person...Since I'm usually a person who prefers sticking to a pattern, this is how I'm going to push myself.

There's a great tutorial that I found for this block....Its called Stack and Whack Wonky block by Kati at from the blue chair.  Here's the link to refer to if my directions don't make sense:  http://www.fromthebluechair.com/2010/08/stack-whack-wonky-block-tutorial.html?spref=bl

For the colors for this block, I struggled until I saw a picture of a new quilt made by Jen Kingwell. (Hebe)
I really liked all the shades of gray (definitely more than 50 so no pun intended).  And this is what I want for my color scheme.  A gray scale quilt.

So here is my attempt at a tutorial.....

You will need 4 10" squares of gray fabric in different shades.  They must be shades of gray only...no other colors.

Here's what I started off with:

I then stacked them up evenly and started whacking.  None of my cuts were straight and the outer cuts should be a minimum of 1.5 to 2" wide.  Then continue cuts accordingly.

once you've made all your cuts, then arrange the blocks into 4 separate blocks with different mix of grays.

now start sewing a top and bottom to the center blocks...and then add outside borders and keep going.
Chain piecing works really well.

make sure to trim as you go.... I also pressed my seams away from the center.
and after all the borders are added....

Trim the blocks to 7"... They are supposed to be wonky so as long as they come out to a 7" square you're okay.

And the finished product...

This makes four 7" blocks.  I'd prefer it if you don't sew them together so I can mix or match all the blocks after they all arrive.  And of course I'll be making a bunch more.

I hope you have fun exploring your improv side....  Thank you in advance for your blocks.  And enjoy the rest of the summer....


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