Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hive 3 Blocks for Kelli

Blocks Received (and thank you so much!)
Posted but not yet received
(the blocks are beautiful and I cannot wait to get them)
Notified Kelli that blocks will be late
The rest of Hive 3, please contact Kelli to notify her the status of the blocks.
I know that several of you have had problems with this block.  I am deeply sorry, as it was not my intention to cause so much heartache with a difficult block.  Seam allowance seems to be the biggest predictor whether a block will be the correct size.  Verify that you are using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.  My bernina has a 1/4" foot, and it will give a seam allowance that is greater than a 1/4".  I finally learned to guide the fabric in from the edge of the foot in order to get that perfect scant 1/4" seam.  See this post for some other hints for the 1/4" seam.  There are also many other blogs that have great hints and tricks to the perfect 1/4" seam.


Julie said...

I spent the first part of August on vacation, and the next part recovering from vacation. Today I'm going to dive into this block. I'm nervous about it, and bought the dresden ruler at JoAnn's, hoping that might make it easier. Wish me luck!

Julie said...

It's going okay (I think) so far. I did learn, after cutting, that my Dresden ruler from EZ quilting is NOT 15 degrees. I couldn't get enough fan blades out of my strips. So now I've dumped the ruler, and am using the template. I still feel like I'm on track. I already got bleach on the couch slipcovers today, and had a light fixture die, so I'm ready for this to work out! (Plus side: played a good soccer game, even if we lost, and I will probably used the Dresden ruler eventually, to make a pepperminty stripe quilt like the one Kelli posted the link to.)

Julie said...

My circle looked really good, and measured 14.5". But after I sliced it to make the octagon, it is 13.5". I'm pretty disheartened. I don't really think my 1/4" seams are off. It's a cool block, and I've enjoyed learning to make it, but now I'm discouraged.

Nancy D. said...

I am thankful you chose this block! I enjoy the challenge where I might not try it otherwise. I used your block as my inspiration for my center block in the Sew Intertwined QAL...

lhungler said...

I sent mine to you on Monday. You should receive it soon. I really enjoyed the challenge:)